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No specific linear polarization effects are expected. The selection rules have helped to ascertain the quantum states participating in QW luminescence (Fig. 32). b. Light Propagating along the Layers The HH transition can only occur with light polarization parallel to the layer (TE mode). The LH transitions occur both for TE and TM light polarizations (see Fig. 3 1). A remarkable feature is the relative intensities of the TE and TM modes (which from Fig. 3 1 should be in the ratio 1 :$). 182-184 This is the more surprising as one could expect from the simplest 2D-DOS analysis the HH transition probability (corresponding to the light-transverse hole mass) to be significantly smaller than the LH transition probability.

The influence of high camer densities on the impurity binding energies in modulation-doped QWs' l6 and superlatt i c e ~ "was ~ also calculated. "*and observed by Perry et al. l9 in Raman scattering studies. aB ' 6. TUNNELING STRUCTURES, COUPLED QUANTUM WELLS, AND SUPERLATTICES Tunneling phenomena across bamers open the way to many fascinating effects, the most eagerly expected one being the Bloch oscillator (to be described in Section 19). The renewed interest in transmission across simple systems such as single barriers, double bamers, etc.

The energies are counted from the top of the wells. When b m, Eq. (27) gives back the isolated well equation [in a form which can be transformed into Eq. (5)i. b. The Communicating Multiple-Quantum- Well Structure or Superlattice + Introducing more wells leads to the creation of a continuous band of states. The transition from single wells to multiply connected wells, as 1. 111- v SEMICONDUCTOR QUANTIZED STRUCTURES 25 COUPLED WELLS _--_---------- - ---------------' - - I - -- *-. ---- ------_ - I I I v2 2 DEGENERATE STATES W, AND W2 PERTURBATION MATRIX ELEMENT V12 + ANTISYMMETRIC STATE E=E1tV12 - SYMMETRIC STATE FIG.

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