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By William Lewis Todd

Philosophers often were worried to prevent solipsism. lots of sturdy and nice philosophers have attempted to refute it. in fact, those philosophers haven't constantly had an identical aim in brain and, like every little thing else, solipsism over the centuries has develop into more and more elusive and refined. during this publication I adopt to country the placement in its most up-to-date and what I take to be its such a lot believable shape. At a few issues within the historical past of philosophy the solipsist has been person who denied the life of every little thing other than himself or maybe the lifestyles of every thing other than his personal current sensations. At different occasions, the solipsist rather than doubting this stuff has basically insisted that there may be no solid cause of believing within the lifestyles of something past one's personal current sensations. approximately, this doubt is geared toward purposes instead of at issues. A solipsist of this type seems in Santayana's Scepticism and Animal Faith.

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As the matter now stands we would be justified in saying that the criteria for the truth of statements in the public language are very much stronger than for statements in the private language, and we might make this the basis for saying that a private language is not a language in the same sense that a public language is. We will now see if it is possible to conceive of a situation where a private diarist could have evidence independent of memory as to whether or not he is using a word consistently for the same kinds of sensation.

In other words, the LANGUAGE AND SENSATION 41 intended ostensive definition might be misunderstood or not understood at all. Malcolm thinks, to the contrary, that to be learned it must play a part in such activities as calling, fetching, distinguishing the object from other objects, distinguishing pictures, etc. l The point would then be that these cannot be duplicated in the private case. ' First, one can tell by his behavior whether he has understood, and praise or blame him accordingly. Secondly, he may bring the wrong thing, in which case one can cause him to dissociate the word 'x' from things which are not x by expressing displeasure.

There are ordinary situations that are very favorable to imagination. 22 FOUNDATIONS OF SOLIPSISM Suppose, for instance, we show an orange to a man and then ask him to close his eyes and imagine it; under such circumstances it seems clear that anyone would be able to produce at least a rough image of the orange. Further, it seems safe to say in general that any human being can produce an image which has something in common with the sensation he has just experienced. At least, if there are people who cannot do even this, one never hears of them.

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