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By Krzysztof Barcz, Krzysztof Barcz, Dariusz Warszawski

Книга Kagero Topshots No.30 - An-26 Kagero Topshots No.30 - An-26 Книги Вооружение Автор: Krzysztof Barcz, Dariusz Warszawski Год издания: 2006 Формат: pdf Издат.:Kagero Страниц: forty two Размер: 31.74 ISBN: 8360445192 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Monograph protecting this shipping airplane. Many color element pictures make this an incredible booklet for the modeller. 146 color photographs. English textual content with Polish picture captions.

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The sick and wounded were mostly cared for in secret in the hospitals of the city. ). A. organization was the bomb-throwing network directly responsible to the zonal council. Carefully kept apart from other elements of the organization, the network was broken down into a number of quite distinct and compartmented branches, in communication only with the network chief through a system of letter boxes. A chart of the organization of the bomb-throwing network is shown below. ). At that time, there were scarcely a thousand police, equipped only to fight common criminals in time of peace.

To succeed, he quite often has to run risks sufficient to cause his arrest. His crime is thus carried out within a known framework. Well-defined police procedure can easily be applied, which takes whatever time is necessary to obtain justice, while respecting the rights of both the individual and society. The soldier meets his adversary on the field of battle and in uniform. He fights within a framework of traditional rules that both sides respect. Aware of the dangers that confront him, the soldier has always had a high regard for his opponent, because both run the same risks.

After verifying this data, we proceed to the arrest of the individuals who have been singled out. In this manner, we can capture the first-echelon elements of the enemy organization. Except for rare cases of emergency, the arrests should take place at night, facilitated by a curfew. The forces of order can easily watch all the streets DIRECT ACTION ON THE POPULATIONS OF CITIES 39 of a city with a minimum of troops. Anyone found away from his home at night is suspect, and will be arrested and interrogated.

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