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By Elizabeth Aderkas

The Indian tribes of the Pacific Northwest, either at the Coast and the inland Plateau, have been the final to come across white investors and settlers. whilst touch occured within the overdue 18th century the explorers and investors discovered detailed cultures. The particularly fresh adoption of the pony had opened the Plateau tribes to affects from the peoples of the Plains; however the tribes of the Coast offered a sharply assorted photo, concerning inflexible type hierarchies, an economic climate in accordance with fishing and searching marine animals, and widespread intertribal struggle which concerned slave raiding and head searching. This interesting textual content describes the methods of lifestyles, in peace and battle, of the coastal and inland peoples of this sector.

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Lawson of a drawing by William Loftie. (Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection) 36 embodied on 20 September 1810. The officers had a dark green coatee with dark green cuffs and turnbacks, black collar, silver buttons and epaulettes, white waistcoat and pantaloons worn with boots (see Plate F). The sergeant-majors had a dark blue coatee, cuffs and turnbacks, green collar, white metal buttons, white waistcoat and breeches and black gaiters. The uniform of the men was 'whatever would seem appropriate' when called up.

Some further resistance was given elsewhere, notably in the Celebes by local princes as late as 1814. The uniform of Dutch troops sent overseas was dark blue with various facings. , Waldeck had yellow facings; the 5th Dragoons had short blue coats and trousers laced white, yellow waistcoats and 'Tarleton' helmets. All had white metal buttons. The artillery wore blue faced with red with brass buttons. Bicorn hats appear to have been worn by troops in America and at the Cape. The dress of the troops organised by Marshal Daendels in the East Indies is presently unknown in any detail.

Brigadiers were distinguished by an inch-wide silver lace on the cuffs. (Sources: AN, Colonies, C8A, 105, f. ) E1: Dragoon, Martinique National Guard, 1802-09 Mounted units in the West Indies, although named dragoons, were dressed in simpler uniforms than in France and with round hats rather than brass helmets. Only the wealthier inhabitants were formed into dragoon companies. (Figures on Plate E are based on the Decree of 14 October 1802 in Durand-Molard, Code de la Martinique, 1811,IV, pp. ) E2: Grenadier, Martinique National Guard, 1802-09 The dark blue infantry uniform was common to all infantry units, but the white companies had longtailed coats while the free black companies had coatees.

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