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By Delano Lopez

This kid-friendly instruction manual investigates the sunlight system's internal workings, the instruments used to achieve information, and an array of astronomical phenomena. via a time line of discoveries and critical occasions, a finished textual content, and numerous tasks readers can construct from home goods, this source presents up to date information regarding the realm beyond planet Earth. beginning with a dialogue of the easy components—the solar, the planets, their moons and earrings, meteors, asteroids, and comets—this handbook considers issues starting from the demotion of Pluto to an area item to the greenhouse influence on Venus and the astronomical unit. alongside with this exploration of the historic, modern, and destiny tools—such because the rockets and satellites used to assemble data—and galaxies, nebulae, and pulsars found open air of the sun system, are instructions for making a rubber-band powered Mars rover, utilizing dry ice to simulate the tail of a comet, and versions of assorted phenomena. A assets part offers references for additional information and tasks approximately astronomy and the sunlight system.

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It sure looks like the sun is moving as it rises in the east in the morning and sets in the west in the evening. Common sense would suggest that the sun travels around the earth, and that the earth stands still. For many years, people believed that this was the case. One of the beauties and wonders of science, however, is that sometimes it proves that what “common sense” tells us is true is actually false. From the earth, it does look as if all the planets and the moon and the sun are traveling in orbit around us.

What is the Solar Sys an orbiting planet or moon falls into. In Newton’s model, gravity pulls two objects towards each other through empty space, as if they were connected by invisible ropes. In Einstein’s model, space isn’t empty, but is a material that is shaped by the mass of an object. In this model, objects fall towards each other because they are trapped in the bending of space caused by their masses. At the same time, the planet or moon has a great deal of momentum that keeps it circling around the larger body, which keeps it from falling into the larger body, at least for a while.

Tape this lens with the convex side to the inside, and the concave to the outside. 3 56 Telescope If you want to decorate your telescope you can cover the larger tube with construction paper, and paint both tubes. 4 5 Warning: Do not look directly at the sun with (or without) your telescope. Look through the smaller end of the telescope, and aim your telescope at a faraway object, such as the moon. You can focus the telescope by moving the inner tube back and forth inside the larger one, to focus the image by bringing the lenses closer to, or farther away from each other.

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