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First released in 1993. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa corporation.

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She was delighted with the promise her lord had generously made, quite in accord with her own wishes. She wept pitifully and said: ÒMy lord, I have been married to you for a long time. We were united under such a cruel destiny and in such misfortuneÑI do not know whyÑand you have always had more ill than good from our marriage, and neither of us has had any delight of the other. I have languished here in bed, as you know, afflicted by a very cruel sickness. I have lost all joy: I do not know when my health will be restored.

On such terms I grant you my love; until today I never have loved and I never will love any man but you: and thatÕs the end of it. Ó Then she kissed him sweetly and took a ring from his finger; when he was ill he had it made and engraved with their two names intertwined. By its comfort alone he had been preserved from death; the joy he received from it prevented him from dying of his illness. 39 Amadas and Ydoine (1275) When Ydoine saw it and read the letters, she understood and was pleased by what was written there, and laughed sweetly.

He jumped up at once and turned away in flight. 67 Amadas and Ydoine (3192) Ydoine was devastated by this pitiful event. In her heart she felt such sorrow that she couldnÕt see or hear anything. Her heart failed her; she grew dizzy and lost consciousness, falling on the floor in a faint. (3201) The beautiful Ydoine had fainted. Every lady and damsel in the room ran up; even the calmest of them was totally dismayed and filled with fear for the Countess, who had fainted. When she revived from her faint, she uttered three long, deep, painful sighs, and sat up with great difficulty, totally dismayed and quite at a loss: she was afraid that her great anguish had been noticed.

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