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It was irresistible. You can be sure the Soviets took it. It's Actually Documented! Virus-contaminated vaccines were then widely administered to Third World countries—particularly in Africa, South America, and Haiti. Administration of these vaccines by the World Health Organization is precisely correlated to the subsequent outbreak of the AIDS The Vaccine Connection 16 epidemics in those countries. This strongly indicates that the vaccine itself was the "precursor" agent initiating the start of the AIDS infection.

In April, 1984 Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger put it this way: 21 The Vaccine Connection "There is an apparent effort on the part of the Soviets to transfer selected aspects of genetic engineering research to their biological warfare centers... Normally harmless, non-disease-producing organisms could be modified to become highly toxic or produce diseases for which an opponent has no known treatment or cure. " At the time that Secretary Weinberger made this statement, a devastating biological warfare strike using those exact techniques had already been unleashed on the Western world by the Soviet Union, cleverly disguised under the banner of the World Health Organization's smallpox vaccination program.

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