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By Laura Chaqués Bonafont, Frank R. Baumgartner, Anna Palau

Spanish politics has been remodeled. utilizing new thoughts, this publication seems at 30 years of Spanish political historical past to appreciate get together pageant, the effect of the ecu, media-government family members, aspirations for independence in Catalonia and the Basque area, and the declining function of faith.

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Restrictions on issue content apply to all parliamentary groups. Oral questions must be relevant, fall directly under the responsibilities of the executive, and never deal with personal or private matters, or use disorderly expressions. The existence of a quota of questions attributed to the different parliamentary groups for each session according to their number of seats significantly reduces the capacity of small parties to introduce oral questions. The capacity of the Board of Spokespersons (with the agreement of the government) to decide on the substitution of questions or to reduce the total number of questions discussed per session introduces also a decision cost that does not exist for other agendas.

Cannot be related to budget issues nor involve credit increase or income reduction. Those coming from Popular initiative cannot be related to issues reserved to organic law, taxes, international affairs nor to prerogative of mercy. Yes to enter the parliamentary procedure: taking-intoconsideration debate and formal voting in the Chamber (with the exception of those coming from the Senate). Yes to be passed (vary according to the legislative procedure). Institutional friction The Parliamentary Bureau orders their publication in the Official Journal of the Chamber and sets the deadline for tabling amendments.

They can be introduced by 14 36 Agenda Dynamics in Spain deputies, 25 Senators, by a parliamentary group with the signature of the speaker, by regional parliaments or by popular initiative following a quite restrictive procedure that requires 500,000 signatures of support. Parliamentary bills have to pass a taking-into-consideration debate and a formal voting in the Chamber (with the exception of those coming from the Senate) so that only those having a wide support have the possibility to enter the legislative process.

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