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J. followed, her heels clicking on the hardwood floors. “That’s the problem. You’re supposed to look sexy. ” A fact that had disappointed some of the men she’d dated. Apparently they’d expected an Asian woman to be a voracious circus acrobat in bed and a bowing doormat everywhere else. J. unfastened her black satin trench coat. “You never let yourself be sexy. When we were growing up, you were always afraid your father would disapprove. ” Rei felt the muscles around her eyes tighten. J. smirked and sank into the couch.

The call disconnected with an audible click. ” When he confronted her, Rachel had accused him of investing more energy into other people’s relationships rather than into his own. She was probably right. Though he’d liked her, he hadn’t loved her. In fact, he wasn’t sure he’d ever really been in love. Lust, infatuation, but never love. He’d mail Rachel the books; she could keep the movies. He played the last message. Mr. London, this is Andrew Johnston from Hollinger/Hansen. I have good news. Our principal investor is interested in your expansion project.

Indicated the gyrating bodies on the nearby dance floor. Just then two men sidled up next to them at the bar and tried to strike up a conversation. J. seemed interested, their tired pickup lines and alpha male arrogance turned Rei off. Sure, she entertained a fantasy about sex with a stranger, but in reality she didn’t want to be viewed as an easy score. The next five or six men were no better and she got the distinct impression that this new nightclub was something of a meat market. ’s credit, she subtly accepted a couple phone numbers but stayed by her side.

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