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Suppose you collect model cars. You have 17 model cars at home. You find a box at a yard sale that has 9 model cars in it. How many model cars will you have in all if you buy the cars at the yard sale? 44 Problems 1 Read the problem carefully. Find what you know: There are 17 cars at home and 9 at the yard sale. Then find what you want to know: The total number of cars you will have if you buy the ones at the yard sale. 2 Decide how you can solve the problem. The key words “in all” tell you that you can add to solve the problem.

The first week they collected 21 bottles. The second week they collected 55 bottles. How many bottles did they collect all together? The key words “all together” tell you to add the number of bottles. 21 bottles ϩ 55 bottles ϭ 76 bottles Trisha’s class collected 76 bottles all together. 43 Word M ath problems are everywhere, but they are usually in the form of word problems. Changing word problems into math problems is a skill you use every day. Suppose you collect model cars. You have 17 model cars at home.

Write the 0 in the tens place. Carry the 1 to the hundreds column. Three Digits 1 496 ϩ 213 709 Add the numbers in the hundreds column. 1 ϩ 4 ϩ 2 ϭ 7. Write the 7 in the hundreds place. When the sum of the numbers in the hundreds column is more than 9, regroup the hundreds as thousands. In the example below, write a 0 in the hundreds place, and write the 1 in the thousands place. 1 317 ϩ 730 317 ϩ 730 7 317 ϩ 730 47 317 ϩ 730 1,047 29 Adding Greater N umbers that have more than three digits are added the same way as smaller numbers.

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