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16 Where the extended family was concerned, Sewall, who became its most highly placed and centrally located member, made his home an information hub. Indeed so central was family to information exchange that in Sewall's case one can speak of an extended family information network using messengers and letters to keep other households within the family network informed, not only of family events, but of pertinent public news. 17 Sewall assumed not only that he was better informed than his kinsmen scattered around Massachusetts Bay, but that he also had a responsibility to keep them apprised of events.

As a young Harvard graduate Sewall ranked as a gentleman and when he became John Hull's son-in-law and moved into his house he entered the highest circle of provincial affairs. Hull was a member of the Governor's Council and a militia captain, so news from the Indian frontier and from England in addition to provincial political matters and commercial events all entered the household with Hull himself or with men who called on him. Still, since Sewall held no office he was at the periphery, and his own conversational contacts were more often with recent graduates of the college and clergymen than with the shapers of town and colony policy.

Under these circumstances the introduction of the newspaper, which began continuous publication in Anglo-America at Boston on Monday, April 24, 1704, was not the momentous event that it may seem in retrospect. Instead it embodied only a marginal improvement in convenience for merchants and officials like Sewall, who were its chief patrons and audience. Appearing weekly, and including information culled from an English newspaper or two, together with a summary of the past week's news, the Boston News-Letter and its later counterparts were modest, two-column broadsides that were closely printed on both sides of a single sheet that at 61/2 by \\Vi Information and Authority in Samuel Sewall's Boston, 1676-1729 37 inches, was smaller than a modern sheet of typing paper.

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