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By Trudee Romanek

Within the 5th Mysterious You e-book, Achoo!, teenagers probe the secrets and techniques of disorder and sniff out what germs are, why they usually make us unwell, how bodies conflict them and the way vaccines guard us opposed to them.

This detailed sequence explores the mysteries of the human physique utilizing a mixture of completely researched authentic details, notable anecdotes and miraculous try-it actions.

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And both of them usually start with a sore throat. A lot of the other symptoms may be the same too: stuffed-up nose, cough, headache and feeling tired. When you have the flu, though, the symptoms are usually worse. The sore throat’s sorer, your head’s more stuffed up and the whole thing nearly always lasts longer. There are three “families,” or types, of flu viruses. Type A flu is the most serious and the type that causes worldwide epidemics such as the Spanish flu epidemic. Type B is similar but not as common.

DO NOT OPEN THE BAG. See any green, furry-looking patches on your bread? If so, congratulations. You’ve just grown Penicillium mold. Have a good look, then throw the bread away, still sealed inside the bag. 35 Speedy Recovery In 1799, George Washington, the president of the United States, died of a cold — sort of. He caught a cold virus, and his doctors began working hard to “cure” him. They made Washington gargle with a mixture of molasses, vinegar and butter. Then they placed some goop made from dried beetles on his throat.

When viruses find their way to your voice box, or larynx, you’ll probably get laryngitis. They can even get into the passageways that lead to your ears and give you a nasty earache. The Terrible Twosome Dealing with a virus can be tough, but it gets even tougher when bacteria show up on the scene as well. All that extra fluid and congestion in your stuffy nose and other passages can clog them up for days. That means the few bacteria that would normally drain out get the chance to hang around and reproduce instead.

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