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By Robert Gardner

Get childrens attracted to technology whereas making toys and doing magic tips with the original experiments during this e-book. Make a "genie" in a bottle, a flame that jumps, a toy electrical motor, and extra! study chemistry and physics whereas having enjoyable. Many experiments comprise high-interest principles to get youth fascinated about technological know-how gala's. scholars can ace their subsequent technological know-how undertaking or attempt utilizing magic and toys!

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Put a new balloon (to avoid transferring any germs from the first balloon) into the bottle (see Figure 1b). You can now fill the bottle with the balloon by blowing air into the balloon. FIGURE 1: a) It is impossible to blow up the balloon in the bottle. b) Adding a straw makes it possible to blow up the balloon because air can now escape from the bottle as it is compressed by the expanding balloon. THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE MAGIC The straw allows air to escape from the bottle as it is replaced by the air you blow into the balloon.

Hold the card in place as you turn the cup or vial upside down over a sink (at least until you are confident the water will defy gravity). Remove your hand from the card. The water will remain in the cup or vial. Of course, gravity cannot be made to disappear and it cannot really be defied. How then can you explain the fact that the water remains in the container? 8 A Voice-Controlled Submarine Materials: eyedropper widemouthed bottle rubber stopper or large cork to fit mouth of bottle water Show your audience a model for a submarine.

The projects in this chapter are all related to the pressure exerted by the air that makes up Earth’s atmosphere. 2 grams per liter), we are often unaware of its presence. Despite the fact that air weighs only about 1/1,000 as much as an equal volume of water, it forms a “sea” more than 100 kilometers (60 miles) deep. Since we live at the bottom of this sea of air, the air pushes on every square centimeter of us and everything else on the surface of the earth with a force of about 10 newtons (N).

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