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It’s not just the “names” either. I have been with him when he asked the ordinary man or woman what their impressions were on a particular gun or piece of gear. “How do you like that Beretta,” he asked a young highway patrolman we were sharing a gas pump with during a fuel stop on a trip across the Great Plains. “How’s that holster workin’ for ya,” to a Sheriff’s Deputy we met at a convenience store. ” Beyond the equipment, Mas gathers real-life information about the use of firearms for self defense.

If it was designed to rock to the back to escape the pocket, with the holster catching on the bottom edge of the pocket opening, you’ll have to master a draw which brings the handgun out in that direction. If its “catch flange” is at the front of the holster, it wants to catch at the top edge of the pocket. This means you draw the gun straight upward until it is well out of the pocket, then perform the same rock and lock movement you would when drawing from a hip scabbard. That is, rock the muzzle upward and lock it on the target in front of you as you bring the gun up into firing position.

Author’s preferred pocket draw technique. “Spear hand” finger configuration slides hand rapidly into pocket… …to allow for tight pockets and spurred hammers, thumb takes this position. It dramatically reduces hand’s thickness profile, thus reducing chances of a snag. It also turns the thumb into a hammer shroud for conventional-hammer revolvers… …as S&W Model 342 with LaserGrips emerges, note that trigger finger is still straight on frame, completely clear of trigger and trigger guard … …and as gun clears the holster and begins to rock up toward threat, finger only now enters trigger guard, and then only if purpose of draw is to immediately fire instead of taking threat at gunpoint.

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