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80. Some other unanswered questions: Why does Njáll invent the elaborate and unnecessary scheme for summoning Hrútr (ch. 22)? Why doesn’t Gunnarr go to Njáll for food and hay, rather than to Otkel? Why does he buy the slave Melkólfr from Otkel (ch. 47)? Why doesn’t Skarphéðinn go abroad with his brothers (ch. 75)? Why does Njáll add a silk robe and a pair of boots to the pile of money collected to compensate for the death of Hoskuldr Þráinsson? Why does he not acknowledge having done so (ch. 123)?

At that time Onundr lived at Mosfell. Hallfreðr owed one of Onundr’s men half a mark of silver and gave him a rather hard answer. The man returned home and told of his problem. Hrafn said that he could expect to come out second best in their dealings. The next morning Hrafn rode to the ship thinking that he would cut the cable and prevent the departure of Hallfreðr and his men. ” Then Hallfreðr said: “Companion, you would need to come out better against Hrafn that I did. I sailed my ship into Leiruvágr [Mud Bay] south of the Heath a few years ago and I owed a half mark in silver to one of Hrafn’s men.

30), never in his fights in Iceland. ”64 Long on courage, short on know-how. At Unnr’s prodding, he turns to Njáll, as he will again and again. Although he is fortunate in having the country’s 61. 182: “Þeir váru frumvaxta synir Gunnars, Hogni ok Grani. ” 62. 184: “En þess vil ek biðja, at þér sjáið á með Hogna, syni mínum. ” 63. 114). 64. 58: “Þora mun ek . . 65 Comments by characters within the saga point to a general apprehension that if Gunnarr makes an intelligent move, the inspiration must have come from Njáll.

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