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Reaching good fortune within the markets is not just in regards to the monetary rewards; it really is approximately eventually being at peace with who you're. good fortune is a mind set, effortless to think about, tough to accomplish for the mere cause that it calls for that we begin considering and behaving in a different way. the purpose of this brief “book” is to steer you at the route to reaching that luck. The truths I proportion with you're meant to encourage, encourage, and lead you in the direction of a happy and fulfilled frame of mind.

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56. Before everything else, preparation (prior to market open) is the secret of trading success. 57. Sometimes the best trade is no trade! 58. There is no opportunity without risk. Understand this, trade small! 59. Remember, if there is no set ups, do not force any trades. Go fishing! 60. The markets can't hurt you. Only you can! 61. A good trader is someone who recognizes that he cannot predict the markets. 62. Overtrading doesn't exist for someone who trades a proven methodology. 63. If you are looking for a Holy Grail trading system, stop the search, there is none!

Without the right psychology even the most robust system is doomed to failure. Similarly, risk and money management will only assure “death by a thousand paper cuts”, supposing we can get to the point where we can efficiently manage risk in the first place. Regardless of the kind of positive expectancy our system displays, if we are unable to follow our rules and execute our trades properly with minimal trading errors we will surely find trading to be an exasperating endeavor. The right psychology also encompasses the appropriate work ethics.

Never let a winning trade go to your head, or a losing trade to your heart. 188. Be decisive in your trading. A wrong decision is generally less painful than indecision. 189. Durable success in the markets isn't given. It’s earned! 190. Trading opportunities are like taxis, there's always another one coming. Don’t get attached to any single trades. 191. In the markets, we will act consistently with our view of who we truly are, whether that view is accurate or not. 192. " 193. There are two types of traders: Those who truly desire success and those who are trying to avoid failure.

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