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By Ahmad A. Kamal

This e-book essentially caters to the wishes of undergraduate and graduate physics scholars in classical physics, specifically Classical Mechanics and electrical energy and Electromagnetism. Lecturers/Tutors may possibly use it as a source ebook. The contents of the booklet are according to the syllabi at present utilized in the undergraduate classes within the united states, U.K., and different international locations. The publication involves 15 chapters, each starting with a short yet enough precis and worthwhile formulation and Line diagrams via various general difficulties helpful for assignments and assessments. distinctive strategies are supplied on the finish of every chapter.

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3 Solutions 25 no additive constant being necessary since x = 0 when t = 0. From (6) it is obvious that as t increases indefinitely √υ approaches the value V . Hence V is the terminal velocity, and is equal to g/k. The velocity v in terms of x can be obtained by eliminating t between (5) and (9). 25 The particle reaches the height h given by h= V2 u2 ln 1 + 2 2g V (by prob. 24) The velocity at any point during the descent is given by − 2 gx 2 v2 = V 2 1 − e V (by prob. 565◦ 2 (iv) a = Acceleration is directed at an angle of 26◦ 34 with the x-axis.

Consider an open wagon moving on rails on a horizontal plane under steady heavy shower. As rain is collected the mass of the wagon increases at constant rate. Other examples are rocket, motion of jet propelled vehicles, an engine taking water on the run. 9) where m 0 is the initial mass of the system and m B the mass at burn-out velocity vB (the velocity at which all the fuel is burnt out is called the burn-out velocity). 10) Time taken for the rocket to reach the burn-out velocity is given by t = t0 = where α = −dm/dt is a positive constant.

8 = 98 m. 8 Take the origin at the position of A at t = 0. Let the car A overtake B in time t after travelling a distance s. 9 s. 9 Let BD = x. 0 Total time t = t1 + t2 = (2) x 2 + (600)2 + 800 − x 2 (3) Minimum time is obtained by setting dt/dx = 0. 4 m. 6 m away from the destination on the road. 4 in (3). We find t = 920 s. 11 Height h = area under the υ − t graph. Area above the t-axis is taken positive and below the t-axis is taken negative. h = area of bigger triangle minus area of smaller triangle.

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